Succession Planning

Clients often come to us with a specific vision and set of goals in mind. When you work with the Brunswick Financial team, we ensure that we uncover and identify those goals and address them as part of our planning process.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with our team.

Identifying Your Goals

We start every client relationship with a “fact-finding” meeting. We sit down to explore their goals, vision, and values. This ensures that both Brunswick Financial and our clients are fully aligned, and we have a clear understanding of the approach.

We do this because we want to ensure that we all are on the same page about where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

Analysing Your Position

With the information we receive we step back to review, research, and develop a detailed analysis of your current position. We’ll present our findings and then gain an understanding of how you’d like to proceed with your personal and corporate wealth plan.

Developing A Roadmap

The next step in the process sees your Brunswick Financial team gathering detailed data on our client’s corporate and trust structures, any planning that has already been put into place, and understanding any current financial plans in play. We consult with your professional team of accountants, lawyers, and internal team members for additional information and insights.

From there, we step back, put the pieces together and come back with a strategic plan and roadmap with a list of actionable recommendation on how best to execute the strategy to help our clients realize their dreams.

Ryan Boyer, BSc

Managing Partner
Contact Ryan to find out more about how to plan for your family business for generations to come.